V-Label partners with Bridge2Food Europe


V-Label, the world’s leading vegan and vegetarian trademark, announces a new supporting partnership with Bridge2Food, the organizer of the upcoming Course Europe & Summit Europe. Bridge2Food’s Summit Europe focuses on trends and the latest developments in the alternative protein industry.

Bridge2Food Europe announced that, for the first time, this year’s event will be combined with the Bridge2Food Course, making it a 3-day event taking place 4-6 June, 2024 in The Hague (The Netherlands).

“We are thrilled to bring the entire alternative protein sector together at Bridge2Food Europe 2024 – our largest event to date! The Course will provide the latest on technical innovations, product development, and R&D. The Summit will facilitate networking, partnerships, new ideas, and knowledge exchange. The programme will cover extremely relevant and pertinent topics, including the industry’s current economic challenges – and how to overcome them,” says Ella Stephens, Bridge2Food’s Marketing Executive. “The buzz around the alternative protein sector is always contagious, and we hope everyone will leave the three-day event feeling excited about the maturing market and enhanced product offerings as we continue to increase the sustainability of our food systems.”

“We are excited that V-Label and Bridge2Food will partner again to amplify one of the most engaging events in the alternative protein ecosystem. Bridge2Food’s excellent programming brings together topics from innovation and R&D, to ingredients and retail. Since these are all relevant topics for V-Label’s business partners, this collaboration is truly meaningful for us,” comments Suzet Miedema, V-Label’s External Relations Expert.

By combining the two events, Bridge2Food makes sure attendees will benefit from the renowned programme, theory, and practice of Course Europe, as well as access to increased idea exchange, networking, and partnership potential at Summit Europe.  To find out more about the Summit & Course Europe, visit the Bridge2Food website.