V-Label Advisory Board

At V-Label International, we are dedicated to supporting our growing global network of partner not-for-profit organizations, that conduct licensing of vegan and vegetarian products. As we continue our journey towards a world where vegan and vegetarian products are widespread, popular, and easily recognisable, we recognize the invaluable role that experienced professionals can play in maximizing our impact.

The mission of the Advisory Board is to provide guidance, expert advice, and diverse perspectives to support V-Label International in achieving our goals and advancing our mission. Through collaboration and informed decision-making, the advisory board aims to enhance the organization’s effectiveness, impact, and growth.

V-Label Advisory Board Members


  • Expert advice: The advisory board collaborates with the organization’s leadership drawing on their diverse expertise and experiences. Advisory board members offer insights, recommendations, and best practices to inform decision-making on key issues, challenges, and opportunities facing the organization.
  • Network and partnership development: Advisory board members leverage their networks and connections to identify potential partners, stakeholders, and resources that can support the organization’s mission and enhance its impact.
  • Advocacy and ambassadorship: Members of the advisory board serve as ambassadors and advocates for the organization, promoting its mission, programs, and accomplishments within their respective networks and communities.
  • Innovation and adaptation: The advisory board fosters a culture of innovation, learning, and continuous improvement by exploring new ideas, approaches, and opportunities to address emerging challenges and capitalize on evolving trends.