V-Label Baltics: A Milestone for Plant-Based Eating Advocacy


Gyvi Gali, the pioneering organization championing dietary change towards plant-based eating in Lithuania, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with V-Label, the world’s foremost vegan and vegetarian trademark. This collaboration marks a significant step towards promoting sustainable, animal-friendly, and healthy food options in the Baltic states of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

As the sole organization of its kind in Lithuania, Gyvi Gali has emerged as a beacon of change in the realm of plant-based nutrition. Founded as a non-governmental organization (NGO) just a few years ago, Gyvi Gali is dedicated to making delicious and ethical plant-based food accessible to everyone, thereby encouraging individuals, businesses, and institutions to choose plant-based alternatives as their primary culinary option.

« We are delighted to announce our partnership with V-Label, a trusted global symbol of vegan and vegetarian excellence, » says Karolis Jonušas, Sales Manager at Gyvi Gali. « This collaboration underscores our commitment to furthering the plant-based movement in the Baltic states, where we are now able to promote vegan products under the esteemed V-Label. By doing so, we empower consumers to effortlessly make informed, ethical choices when shopping by simply glancing at the packaging. »

V-Label is renowned worldwide for its rigorous certification process, which ensures that products displaying the V-Label logo adhere to strict vegan and vegetarian standards. This partnership enables Gyvi Gali to license vegan products in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, offering consumers a reliable and recognizable marker of ethical and sustainable food choices. « It truly is an extraordinary opportunity for our organization to impactfully contribute to the sustainable future of the food industry and make it possible to offer a more diverse range of plant-based products, » Jonušas adds.

Karolis Jonušas, Sales Manager at Gyvi Gali

« Through our partnership with Gyvi Gali, we can help plant-based options become more accessible and trusted in several Baltic countries,” says Martin Ranninger, Director of V-Label International. “We believe that the power of choice lies in the hands of consumers, and this collaboration allows us to guide consumers to choose a healthier, more ethical path for themselves and the planet. »

For more information about Gyvi Gali, please visit gyvigali.lt. They can be reached at lt@v-label.com. If you are interested in becoming licensed with V-Label in Lithuania, Latvia, or Estonia, or any other country, you can request more information here.

Photo credits: Ugnies deivė photography