V-Label Italia at SANA and Artigiano in Fiera in 2023


V Label Italia and the Italian Vegetarian Association (AVI) are announced as official partners of SANA, the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural Products, and Artigiano in Fiera, two of Italy’s highest visibility trade fairs.

This year, SANA holds its 35th International Exhibition of organic and natural products at the Bologna Exhibition Center from September 7th until 10th. V-Label Italia officially partners up for the organization of the highly anticipated VEG pavilion, to meet the surging consumer demand for plant-based products and cater to individuals embracing environmentally friendly and health-conscious food choices.

According to Sophia Somaschi, V-Label Italy’s Event Coordinator, „The market for plant-based products is experiencing an unprecedented boom, with a remarkable increase in available offerings. These products are no longer limited to the tables of vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians but are now a staple in the shopping carts of individuals who prioritize the environment and their health. From supermarket shelves to the menus of bars and restaurants, plant-based options are becoming increasingly prevalent.“

To tap into and respond to the needs of this dynamic market segment, SANA’s will feature a dedicated area known as the Veg Area. This special section will encompass all variations of plant-based choices, including vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan, and plant-based products. The Veg Area aims to showcase new consumer trends inside and outside the home, along with product innovations.

“And we are also very pleased to announce the creation of the Organic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Product Exhibition at Artigiano in Fiera 2023, in response to the increasing demand for certified products that prioritize health, physical well-being, and lifestyle choices,” adds Somaschi. “This exhibition will be held as part of an event that has been promoting the products of local companies, steeped in tradition and employing completely natural processes for over 26 years. Over the years, Artigiano in Fiera has garnered an audience that values authenticity, originality, and product quality, embracing principles such as genuineness, local sourcing, and sustainability. It is within this context that the market’s urgent need for certified products has emerged.” Artegiano in Fiera is held at Fiera Milano from December 2nd to 10th.

For licensed brands that are unable to attend the trade fairs in person but still want to be represented, V-Label Italia has formed an official partnership with Very-V, an upcoming e-commerce platform. Very-V will showcase and sell products from participating brands to the exhibitors at the fairs.

These collaborative efforts between V-Label Italia and Italian trade fairs demonstrate the long-standing commitment of the V-Label brand. Initially established in 1976 as the institutional symbol of AVI – the Italian Vegetarian Association, V-Label now enjoys the support of an international network of vegetarian and vegan associations across Europe and the globe. With registrations in over 70 countries, V-Label has become the leading certifier of vegetarian, vegan, and raw-vegan products. Their certifications extend beyond food and beverages to include cosmetics, personal hygiene, house cleaning products, textiles, and fashion accessories.

Are you a licensed brand and want to participate? Contact V-Label Italia at segreteria@vlabel.it or at +39 023546319 for more details.