V-Label renews and expands its strategic partnership with FMCG Gurus


V-Label, the world’s leading vegan and vegetarian trademark, announces that the organization has renewed its partnership with UK-based consumer insight agency FMCG Gurus. FMCG Gurus, V-Label’s consumer insights research partner, provides market research and insight into consumer attitudes and behaviors across the food, beverage, and supplement markets worldwide. Brands working with V-Label may now benefit from these global consumer insights.

“As V-Label continues to grow, so does our need to better understand consumer behavior in new markets. We have partner organizations in many countries outside of Europe, such as Mexico, Columbia, and Argentina, and we are currently onboarding new partner organizations in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Brazil,” comments Martin Ranninger, V-Label International’s Co-Director on the expanded partnership.

“It is a pleasure to be the official consumer insights partner for V-Label, supporting them to understand consumer attitudes and behaviors towards all things plant-based. As consumer insights specialists, we have dedicated surveys for understanding evolving trends across the globe within the plant-based space. We help our clients recognize new white space opportunities within the market and how they can target specific consumer profiles,” said Will Cowling, Marketing Manager at FMCG Gurus.

Consumer experts, insight driven

The partnership allows companies of all sizes—from startups, through small and medium-sized enterprises, to retailers—in making more informed decisions. The collaboration between FMCG Gurus and V-Label supports not only V-Label International’s communications efforts but also its many NGO and local partner organizations such as ProVeg Czechia.

“Our B2B webinars that are regularly attended by retailers such as Tesco, Kaufland, or Lidl,  usually cover one specific food category. In the last one, we looked at insights about plant-based meat among Czech and European consumers,” explains Ivana Prochazkova, Retail Manager at ProVeg Czechia. “We all know that retailers are the key target group for the success of plant-based foods. The increased availability is already making it easier for consumers to choose delicious and healthy food that is good for all humans, animals, and our planet.”

“The last couple of years have seen severe disruption to consumers‘ lives due to the pandemic and cost-of-living crisis, resulting in consumers evaluating their diets, lifestyles, and wellness, making fundamental changes to all of these as a result. Consumers are adopting new diets in order to lead a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. It is crucial for our clients to understand these shifting behaviors in order to get their new product development and communications strategies right for the future,” elaborates Cowling on the importance of consumer insights. “Being able to understand consumer attitudes and motivations supports strategic planning, allowing brands to target their consumers with the right message.” 

“Plant-based food producers may now benefit from V-Label’s expanded partnership with FMCG Gurus, which covers different food categories such as plant-based dairy, meat, or confectionery. Our regularly published, free to download expert publications such as white papers, webinars, and our monthly consumer insight LinkedIn newsletter provide easy-to-digest, actionable global insights,” adds Ranninger. “The partnership is truly important for us as it provides an important piece in our global mission, where V-Label strives for a world where vegan and vegetarian products are widespread, popular, and easily recognizable.”