Food Heroes 20

Since the time of the Ancient Greeks, stories have moved the world. It is through stories that we connect, care, and act. Think David and Goliath and how strongly you root for the obvious underdog each time you hear the story. While in the recent past, leaders, philosophers, and emperors inspired masses, our generation is much more moved by fellow Davids: ordinary people turned extraordinary. 

The Food Heroes 20 features 20 individuals who are transforming outdated food systems and changing the narrative around possibilities of thriving without necessarily harming the planet. Their life’s work is creating a better, fairer world for animals and humans alike.

Marjolein Pleune
Co-Founder, the Netherlands
Eran Groner
Co-Founder, Israel
Olivia Fox Cabane
Founder, USA
Luke Saldanha
Co-Founder, Spain
Nicolas Hartmann
Co-Founder, Germany

Who is a (Food) Hero?

Everyday heroes spread hope and inspiration: a person not unlike us, who finds themselves in circumstances calling for a hero… except there is none. And so, instead of waiting for someone bigger or better, they see their own greatness for a tiny second, take a leap, and the rest is often history. 

Successors of the great heroes…

Entrepreneurs, especially those in the vegan space, are the successors of the great heroes of the past. When we look at the food supply chain, from farmers to food producers, retail, and consumers, there are powerful stories at every stage.

Miyoko Schinner
Founder & CEO,
Scott McCulloch
Co-Founder & CEO,
Jasmijn De Boo
Food Advocate and Vice President, UK
Jaap Korteweg
Co-Founder, the Netherlands
Astrid Prajogo
Founder & CEO,
Renato Pichler
Founder & CEO, Switzerland

… with powerful stories.

They’re building companies because they’ve decided to solve issues of pain and inequality for themselves and others. All the while, they’re making vegan lives around the globe tastier and more convenient, and even converting some meat-eaters along the way.

Cecilia Thomas
Co-Founder, France
Frank Riedel
Founder, Germany
Sonalie Figueiras
Founder, Hong Kong
Albert Solé
Founder, Spain

Food Heroes are transforming outdated food systems and changing the narrative around possibilities of thriving without necessarily harming the planet.

Daniela Cruz
Founder & CEO, Portugal
Dr. Guy Sandelowsky
Co-Founder, UK
Emmanuel Brehier
Co-Founder, France
Magdalena Bator
Co-Founder, Poland

Frontrunners of a global movement

At V-Label, alongside our partner NGO organizations such as ProVeg International, Swissveg, Vegetarianos Hoy, and many more, we are the frontrunners of a global movement and we want to highlight those voices of change.

Are you the next Food Hero?

Did we run out of Food Heroes? No, quite the contrary! There have never been more people trying to transform the outdated and unkind food system. With this “blank” Food Hero story, we encourage you to submit yours.