V-Label announces new partner organizations, expanding global reach


As the global leader in labeling vegan and vegetarian products, V-Label has established new partnerships with organizations, bringing the total to 37 globally. In the near future, producers and retailers in Brazil, Malaysia, and Vietnam will be able to work with these local organizations to obtain their licenses and receive support. Across the globe, already more than 50,000 products from more than 4,300 licensees carry V-Label.

“With this exciting development, V-Label is pleased to welcome ONG Te Protejo and AGN Consultoria in Brazil, PB Health in Malaysia, and Sống Thuần Chay in Vietnam to our network of trusted partners,” comments Tim De Smet, V-Label’s International Communications Manager. “These partnerships will allow us to offer our certification services to a wider range of food and beverage manufacturers, retailers, and distributors worldwide.”

Currently, V-Label is already active in six Latin American countries, and expanding into Brazil is another great step forward, with two partner organizations in the country. “With this collaboration, NGO Te Protejo aims to promote the availability and variety of certified vegan cosmetics, and consequently raise awareness among the population about the importance of responsible and animal-friendly consumption,” comments Marisol Queupumil from ONG Te Protejo. “For us, it’s really valuable to have the opportunity to represent and implement a program with the credibility and confidence that the V-Label certification gives worldwide.” 

As Alberto Neto from AGN Consultoria shares, “at AGN Consultoria, we believe that our work can contribute to building a better world! Since the partnership with V-Label will help us achieve this goal together, this cooperation looks very promising and exciting. For consumers, the V-Label seal brings security when purchasing vegan and vegetarian products!”

With the addition of partners in South-East Asia, V-Label continues its global expansion. “We’re excited about the opportunity to be one of the first organizations to establish V-Label in Asia,” says Scott Green from Sống Thuần Chay in Vietnam. “We hope this can usher in a new age of conscious consumer decisions and help create greater awareness of the global plant-based movement.”

“V-Label’s labeling program is widely recognized as a standard for vegan and vegetarian products. With over 25 years of experience, we have certified thousands of products across multiple industries and regions,” says Martin Ranninger, V-Label International’s Co-Director. “We believe that everyone deserves the right to make a kind choice, and our new partnerships are a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

A growing global market

The expansion into new countries makes sense, as people globally are changing their relationship to food, according to FMCG Gurus

“In Brazil, more than a third of the population follows a flexitarian diet, and about a fifth considers themselves to be vegetarian, pescetarian, or vegan. In Malaysia and Vietnam, about a fourth of consumers consider themselves to be flexitarian, with up to a third of the population sticking to a vegetarian, pescatarian, or vegan diet,” shares Alejandro Gómez Hombrados, V-Label International’s Consumer Insights Specialist. “Labeling products helps these consumers easily make choices in what they buy.”

The main motivators for consumers who have recently reduced their meat intake are environmental concerns (an average of 81%) and the association of eating less meat with being healthier (75% on average). Animal welfare and heart-related health are still significant, but not the main drivers of these choices.

Whatever the reason for these consumers to choose meat alternatives, it is clear that a significant part of the population in all three countries have tried these products. “We are confident that our new partners, who already do amazing work locally, will be able to further influence the vegan and vegetarian market,” shares Ranninger. “It is exciting to think about what local brands will soon carry the V-Label, and the positive impact this will have.”