Case Study: Vegan Food Labels

The growing importance of vegan food labels:

How do conscious consumers shop beyond 2020?

Globally, consumers are increasingly looking for healthy, ethical, and cost-effective products with low environmental impact, which is driving the demand for vegan and vegetarian alternatives. But as manufacturers reflect the trend that greener, more sustainable branding, packaging and content of foods sells, it is that much harder to identify products that are actually vegan. In the sea of options, how can consumers identify vegan and vegetarian products quickly and confidently? Rightfully so, they are increasingly calling for transparency in labelling.

In this consumer survey, we have gathered first-hand insights about what role does labelling play in their shopping decisions as well as shopping experience:

  • How does labelling directly influence consumer choices?
  • Why do they consider labelled food better?
  • How much (more) are consumers willing to pay for a product that’s certified with a label?