V-Label’s Food Industry Guide: Plant-Based Meat

Working towards a meatless future is the goal of many start-ups, associations, and key players in the food market. In the past year, Europe’s plant-based market grew by 49%, and numbers will still grow explosively until 2050 with an estimated sales of $1.4 trillion, according to the latest studies. The range of products is large and innovative! In the UK and Germany, plant-based sausages, burger patties, and cold cuts lead the sector of meat alternatives. 

During our webinar, not only will you get to know the history and products of two key market players: Planted and Endori, but you will also get access to consumer insights and recent numbers about this innovative market from the research group FMCG Gurus, as well as trends and inspiring news from an alternative protein brand expert. 

For this event, we are featuring speakers from all over Europe:

  • Michael Hughes, Head of Research and Insight at FMCG Gurus
  • Marion Höchli, VP Business Development Europe at Planted
  • Friedrich Büse, Founder of Endori
  • Miguel Serrano, alternative protein brand expert at Vidyalto 
  • Swantje Tomalak, moderator

About V-Label

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