Customers all over the world are increasingly opting for plant-based products for reasons ranging from health to intolerance, convenience, ethics, indulgence, or simply because their kids like it. With veganism becoming more and more widespread, governments and organizations are taking notice. It is becoming apparent that there will be no reaching the Paris climate agreement goals, which nearly all governments have committed to, without cutting down on animal consumption. All this fuels a vital ecosystem for producers to come up with innovative and sustainable alternatives. Get a strong hold of this ever-growing market today and in years to come with V-Label.

Consumer favorite

In Germany, according to the renowned Gütesiegel Monitor 2020, V-Label is the 8th best-known and the 3rd most trusted food quality seal. In the European Union V-Label is now the best-known label for vegetarian and vegan products. V-Label has certified over 70,000 products worldwide, and has broad support in the vegan and vegetarian community. Through the easily understandable categorization of products as vegan or vegetarian, V-Label is a quick and reliable way of telling people exactly what they are buying.

Globally recognized

Established 25 years ago in Switzerland, V-Label has earned a leading place in confirming the quality of vegan and vegetarian products and services. With V-Label, you have a single certification, highly recognized across markets. From Berlin to Buenos Aires, the eye of a conscious consumer can hardly miss the yellow rising amongst green and earthy colors that are often used in sustainable packaging.

Business partnership

Being the only worldwide certification with local representatives in more than 50 countries (and customer service in more than 30 languages), V-Label invites you on a journey far beyond getting certified. What would it mean for your company if you had business-building tools like market insights, qualitative analysis, ingredient consulting, advertising partners, and other guidance? Are you launching a new product or are entering the vegan market for the first time? We are happy to direct you to experts (specialists in food technology, food law, quality management, cosmetology, marketing, bio technology, nutrition, market and consumer research and more) and contacts in the vegan industry and community.

Inclusive approach

Providing producers with both vegan and vegetarian certification based on thorough checks and quality management, V-Label is for any type of business, from vegan start-ups to international companies such as Unilever, Nestlé or Danone. Together with business intelligence, it is a viable option for companies that are not predominantly oriented in the plant-based segment, yet want to serve the rising flexitarian population. Apart from food, it is available in industries such as fashion, cosmetics, gastronomy, cleaning agents, and more.