The V-Label for existing customers

Are you already a V-Label customer or have requested a license offer in the past? Get other products licensed with the V-Label now and gain a clear competitive advantage in one of the fastest growing markets.

Licensing products as an existing customer

Here you can register your vegan and vegetarian products as a registered customer for licensing. There are only a few steps to licensing your vegan and vegetarian products with the V-Label. You have already registered as a new customer and agreed with us the offer and the contract.

In the next step, the products to be licensed are checked for their ingredients and manufacturing processes. This step is required if you want to license the V-Label for the first time or again. To do so, please fill in the specification form, which you can download in the customer area, and submit it as an attachment in your request on this page. For the permission for use of the V-Label, you only have this exam. Finally, the print release of the layout is made by us.

Product Licensing Form

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